Starting the season right

On Nov 5, the Iowa Energy, the Memphis Grizzly’s farm team, held their Fan Fest Day to kick off their 10th season. This day was the first of many for me as part of their media team. I was hired as a social media/reporter last month.

This season will be interesting, fun, and challenging. I say it will be interesting and challenging because a lot of sports teams are still experimenting with how to use social media during game days outside of traditional sports reporting. Naturally, they gave me the Memphis Grizzly’s Media Reporter’s Twitter page to look through to get some ideas.

Alexis Morgan runs their page and has also just started this season, so I’m starting to look to other teams to see if they have done anything yet. One thing that Alexis had done already that I really liked was when she went around the stadium doing a feature on all the best foods and trying them all. It was fun and simple. img_2173-1

Before I started last weekend, I wasn’t given much direction than just to check out what Alexis was doing, so the first day was pretty nerve-wracking when they handed over the accounts and set me out to the concourse at the Wells Fargo Arena. Luckily, it was Fan Fest, so naturally there was a lot of stuff going on to cover.

It was hard for me to stay focused on the fan side rather than the game side of the day. The Iowa Wild has been doing something similar to what the Energy wants to do, but most of it is game play. Their Snapchat has been a great influence regardless. There’s some (friendly) competition between the two teams though, so I try not to get too similar to their content.

As I look forward to the regular season, I’m hoping to do some fun features on the players. That’s also something that Alexis had done for the Memphis Grizzlies, but it turned out really well. She did a cover on a player that had recently signed a contract with Nike and received a lot of merchandise that featured him on it or even some shoes that weren’t released yet. I’m really looking forward to being able to find out some cool, quirky things to add a more personal dimension to the athletes that are traditionally more distant to fans. Hopefully get some more followers too.

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