The winter blues and catching the flu

As you can imagine, moving back to Iowa in middle of January is anything short of fun. I have been back in Iowa now for almost 8 weeks now. I have stayed pretty busy with school and work. I ended up getting two internships this semester.

My first one is an Operations Internship with Chick-fil-A. This move has garnered A LOT of questions since I am majoring in Digital Media Production. Short answer is that it will help me practice some leadership qualities that I have been studying with my concentration. I am in middle of training, yet, but eventually I will be managing 25 employees.

My second internship makes a lot more sense. I’m working with the Barnstormers in Des Moines as a Stadium Operations Intern. I use the term “stadium ops” very loosely here. While I will help with stadium operations and will have to do appearances around town with the stadium op interns, I will be working towards directing games, and creating videos for the team. I already received my first assignment. I will be creating a video to introduce the cast from Big Brother. Once I have it completed, it will be on my Vimeo that is attached to the main page of my website.

With two internships and 17 credits in school, I haven’t had much time to work on any of my personal projects, but for the last two days I have been struck down with the flu, so expect to see a couple new projects pop up here on Vimeo in the coming days!

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