Spring may not be coming, but big changes are!

Last week I was registering for my summer and fall semester classes for my senior year. I know. It’s crazy that I only have one year left. It’s been crazy leading up to this point, but after some extensive planning, I think I have my last year planned out. Even better, I’m going to graduate on time, even though I took a semester off to go to California for my DCP! (If you haven’t read about my experience with the DCP, go check it out here. This has been the best experience I have had so far!).┬áBut, anyways, back to all the changes coming my way.

Creating my own credits

In order to graduate on time without having a crazy course load, I’m taking a summer class. This isn’t an ordinary class, though. I will be creating my own class through my internship at Chic-fil-A. Through the LEAD Program at Drake University I am able to complete a class by continuing my internship over the summer. For this class, I will write a purpose statement and multiple goals to reach over the summer, and then, throughout the summer, I will write papers based on my experience.

This experience is pretty special because I’m only the second person to do this internship with Chic-fil-A, and now this program is starting to catch the attention of some pretty important people. This week, someone from corporate is coming to the location I work at to talk about the program that the owner started. Updates to come on this topic.

Going back behind the camera

Other big news that I have found out recently is I will be going back to the Iowa Baseball Camp for the Deaf this year to run their social media. Dylan, the coordinator of the camp, reached out to me recently and asked if I would come back for another season. Without hesitation, I said yes. This will easily be the highlight of my summer! Doing social media for these families has been absolutely amazing. Last year, I was able to make a short video for the kids when the camp finished, so hopefully I will have enough free time to do that again.

1 credit and a little networking

Speaking of social media, over this past weekend I took a 1 credit seminar on leadership in social media. This class was pretty similar to other classes I have taken on social media, but with a small twist. We looked at how leaders used specific styles in their online profiles. While there was a lack of focus on this seminar, I was able to meet someone that was pretty cool. His name was Leo Morejon. He has worked in marketing for awhile and has worked with some pretty big clients, such as Oreo. He gave great advise for the leadership aspect of our class, but I couldn’t help but nerd out when he told us about all of his experiences working with these huge companies everyday. It’s days like these when I wonder if I would rather work a social media account for an organization. It’s a good thing I still have a little time left to figure it out!

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